Bill Werner



Scott Anderson

1st Vice President


Scott Ross

2nd Vice President


Mike West

Corporate Secretary


Bryan DeNoskey

Corporate Treasurer


Dean Markley

Executive Secretary

We have revised our Masonic Mission. We continue to operate within the guidelines of our original charter as a registered 501-c3, but we are now operating in this century. Our primary focus is assisting Masons in good standing who are going through financial issues-loss of job, or sudden hardship expenses. Our assistance is Short-Term in nature. Masons in good standing need to be sponsored by their Home Lodge, we believe that Charity begins at home. The MSB will then step in after consulting with the WM of SEC of the Lodge to verify the need and clarify what we can do. Please note-if your Great Grandfather was a Mason in Timbuctoo, please do not waste our time.The Seattle MSB is for Masons in Good Standing and their immediate family. All requests for Charity are investigated, though we do not discuss the particulars of any case outside of our group 

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Seattle Masonic Service Bureau 

​                                                   cONTACT mASONIC sERVICE bUREAU:   MSB  PO BOX 468  ISSAQUAH,  WA. 98027-0018
              Phone  425 830 1783          email  PUGET.SOUND.msb@GMAIL.COM          EMAIl  BIGWEr1@HOTMAIL.COM   


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MASONRY in Action

  • Financial assistance to Masons in good standing and their families 
  • Funeral Training Member Workshops 
  • Funeral and Memorial Services for Masons including Sojourning Masons
  • Educational Grants to Masons who are going through career changes and need $$ help attending an accredited Vocational Program

                             OUR MISSION

Thanks for your interest in MSB and what these "topics" can mean for your Lodge.  YOUR responsibility to the Lodge is to "Own" these aspects of Masonry. Charity and Funeral/Memorial services are integral to our walk as Masons. Your Lodge's participation in the MSB is important for us and to you. Providing a Trustee, willing to WORK /  PARTICIPATE, opens a door for your Lodge to have a voice in our work and can be very fulfilling for  Brothers wishing to learn about Masonic Charity. The future of the MSB is up to YOU. With additional active participation, our Trustees can greatly expand our services. As before any Mason may attend our Quarterly Meetings, and only Lodges that pay dues may have a voting trustee. Lodge dues are per member on the books, due January of each year. We meet at 10:00am on the last Saturday of February, April and October, with other meetings called as necessary.

The Seattle Masonic Service Bureau was established approximately 140 years ago as a visible extension of the Masonic tenets:
Brotherly love, Relief and Truth.  The Service Bureau quickly grew to encompass most Masonic Lodges in the greater Puget Sound area. We have provided Financial Aid, job resources and funeral services to Masons in good standing in this Jurisdiction, including Sojourning Masons. Times Change, but the need is still there, and so are we..