Seattle Masonic Service Bureau 

Shriners Hospital for Children

one-of-a-kind international health care system

dedicated to improving the lives of children


All of our Trustees are Volunteers. Our wages are the satisfaction of working quietly, behind the scenes, with no fanfare to help Masons and their families who are in crisis.

             FUTURE PROJECTS

  recent programs

We have updated our "What Every Lodge ShouldKnow About Funerals and Memorials" booklet- This guide can help your Lodge better prepare for the final loving duty for a Masonic Brother. Please contact us for your free copy.

Masonic Charities Foundation

A 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation, is the primary charitable organization affiliated with the Grand Lodge of Washington 

   mission & vision

We will work within our Masonic Obligation to Make a Difference for our Members and their families.

    • Scholarships: We are now exploring Tuition Assistance to Masons for Job Retraining Purposes. We are creating a rubric now for the Application Process--but, as with Charity, it will be for Masons in Good standing in this Jurisdictional area, who will need to be sponsored/vetted by their Lodge.
    • Other Project Possibilities:‚Äč We have been asked to consider expanding our Charity on a State-Wide basis; and also to consider a viable means of Revenue Generation. These topics will require thoughtful input from our Trustees, with a possible revision to our By-Laws which are clear about our Scope of Work, and which give no defined method of raising funds. Historically, Lodge Dues have never covered the Charitable Donations and Operating Expenses of the MSB

    • Revenue Sources

      Our Charter makes no provisions for duties involving the Generation of Revenue, or Fund Raising. Historically, Lodge Dues have never been sufficient to maintain our operating expenses. Our assets have been acquired through bequests from a fallen Brother or his family. Again, thoughtful participation and input from our Trustees is required in addressing this topic.